Saturday, 28 March 2015

Room of Wires: CV Out 2

Had to share this.... just posted up this morning. The perfect marriage of electronics (modular and otherwise) and futuristic Ballardian imagery!

Show #127 (27th March 2015)

Sharron Kraus - Blodeuwedd
The Skipping Forecast - Sinking Teeth
Edvard Graham Lewis - Prism Buzzard
Dieter Moebius - Inmedin
A Middle Sex - MRSA
C Duncan - Here to There
Craig & Yikki - Ghosten
Teeth of the Sea - Up With People
Miss Kenichi - Who Are You?
Saif Mode - Tree House
Time Attendant - Inky’s Pitch
Shit & Shine - Goat $hit
Greg Fox - Homoplasmates
Panophonic - Sweetness & Light
The Myrrors - Juanito Laguna
Chef Menteur - Immense Dimention

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Guest Playlist: Darko Saric

I'm Darko Saric, guitarist and one of the singers of Malka, a bilingual Psychedelic Dream Pop Shoegaze band from NY. We just released our debut EP, "The Constant State", and you can hear it at

The idea behind this playlist is to acknowledge the influence that Shoegaze still has, in one way or another, 25 years later. "The scene that celebrates itself" can celebrate, in my opinion, is now one of the most influential genres in today's independent music. This play list is a good place to enjoy that fact.

Show #126 (20th March 2015)

Meter Bridge - Filter
Time Attendant - The Hexapod Star Shuffle
The Soundcarriers - Boiling Point
Wozniak - El Maresme
Arca - Sad Bitch
Jack Reid & the Black Whip - Breakin’ Fools
Zola Jesus - Hunger
The The - Invisible City
Mondo Phase Band - Horseshoe
Swans - Screen Shot
Coil - Wrong Eye*
Hey Colossus - Wired Brainless
Renjā - Aisa
Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat
Andrew Liles - Lord We Beseech You
Mind Mountain - Astraeus*
Carlton Melton - Harbinger*
Lay Llamas - We Are You
Kikagaku Moyo - Zo No Senaka
Eigenfrequenz - Zeitgeber
Mt Wolf - Hamburg*

*No link for the Coil track which is loooooong out of print! - The link for the Mind Mountain/Carlton Melton split 7" currently only takes you to the God Unknown BandCamp page. There is no link for the actual single yet as it's that fresh (!) but I'm sure it'll be there soon. - The MT Wolf link takes you to i*unes - Sorry, I couldn't find a physical version of the new EP Red!