Sunday, 29 April 2012


Well it’s 11pm on Sunday night. Lou, the boys and the dogs are asleep, and I choose now to start the Blog that I’ve been threatening to start for weeks.

I have no idea at this point what direction the Blog will go, or even whether it will last more than a couple of weeks, in fact I doubt very much whether anyone will look here at all! I’m certainly not intending at this point to promote it to my family or friends… I think I’ll wait awhile, and see if anything interesting develops!

Hello then! My name is Mat, and I’m a 47 year old, twice divorced father of three and grandfather of two. I live in the north of England with my partner of 10 years, my two youngest sons, two dogs and six chickens. My oldest son and his young clan live locally, as do the rest of my family… which is pretty extended!

My Blog will, I think focus mainly on the love of my life… Music! Music is my first and strongest passion, and has been since I was a mere spotty teen. I will probably post reviews, gig memories and gushing love letters to my musical heroes (of which there are many!), interspersed with my other interests: Cooking, Eating, Pets and Gardening. I’m an expert on none of these subjects however, but maybe this Blog will educate me as I go along!

So thank you for reading my first brief post.
Feel free to comment or say hello.
And please come back soon!



  1. Nice to see you started, bet you'll love this! x

    1. Thanks Kat. I think I may need your expertise setting up my Google Analytics.... I've no idea where to paste the code! D'oh!