Monday, 14 May 2012

Soundtrack 4

A quick post tonight. This is another piece recorded in my youth in the cupboard under the stairs. The cassette you can see in the video is the original demo tape that came with the 'boom box' on which it was recorded. You can even see the helpful information scrawled on the tape giving you all the background information behind the recording, including a list of equipment, my name (I was known as Spike in those days... something to do with my unruly hair), and even the name of my imagined band 'Anul Gases' Oh dear! This was an attempt at being funny, and I can't remember now whether the spelling mistake was deliberate or not... I suspect the later! The above picture is the only surviving image of this legendary band. I'm on the left (bare chest/melodica), Jono Dixon in the middle (motorcycle helmet/mum's coat) and Power Thorpe (cowboy hat/tin whistle). Fun times.... I wonder where my friends are now.......


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