Friday, 26 October 2012

Dead Can Dance - I May Sleep!

Tonight's show will be going out at the normal time of 00:00, and an excellent show it will be! After last week's Krautrock extravaganza, we'll be back to the usual mix of Post-Punk, electronic and experimental tuneage.

I'll not be Tweeting during tonight's show as I will be driving back from the Big Smoke after seeing Dead Can Dance at the RAH. Hopefully I'll stay awake for the duration of the journey, if not I must remember to sleep only when the road is straight!

I'm extremely excited about this as the last time I attempted to see them was at the same venue over 15 years ago. I drove down only to find the show was cancelled!

I'm sure the same won't happen this time, and I'll post a review here next week.

Remember to tune in tonight on 102.6FM in Doncaster or on the website if you're listening from further afield. Here's a little teaser of the first track I'll be playing.....Can you guess what it is?

(Not Istanbul!)

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