Sunday, 9 December 2012

Show #010: Killing Joke, X-TG, Laurie Anderson & More, plus New Soundcloud Upload

Featuring two tracks from the new X-TG album "Dersertshore / Final Report" along with the usual mix of goodies.
  1. Killing Joke - Wardance
  2. Laurie Anderson - Walk the Dog
  3. X-TG - Janitor of Lunacy
  4. Karl Blake - A Misogyny of a Song
  5. Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard - I Fell in Love with a Ghost
  6. Popol Vuh - Ich Mache Einen Spiegel
  7. The Bombay Ducks - Danzmusik 667
  8. Gilbert/Hampson/Kendall - Seven's
  9. X-TG - แฝดนรก (part 4)
  10. David Lynch - Imaginary Girl
  11. Colin Newman - Alone
  12. J.G.Thirlwell - Te-Deum

Please leave some feedback if you listen to the show. Also please get in touch if you have any of your own home recorded music that may fit in with the show. Email me here if you have some sounds you'd like to share.

I'm no musician myself, but I did manage to put this together this week. It's a cover version of an old BEF track. Tell me what you think of it.....


  1. you're obviously good in logic so try doing something original! ill help you out when i'm back in doncaster! we'll have a logic day!

    1. Only good at the basics. I think there's a lot to the programme that I don't understand so a Logic Days sounds good to me! Every time I try and do something original I end up looking at a blank screen for hours with half a bar of a crappy rhythm or a bit of melody that I can't finish!