Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Music: Wire

Looks like 2013 is getting off to a good start with new albums from Bowie, Cave and now Wire!

Wire's new album "Change Becomes Us" feature re-workings of archive material that dates back over 30 years.

"Document and Eyewitness" released in 1981 was a live LP which included many titles which had not yet been finessed in the studio. The band went on hiatus before these songs were given time to evolve and so they were left unfinished and unloved while Colin went on as a solo artist and Gilbert and Lewis got all experimental with Dome.

Fast forward a generation and Wire are now in their 4th (or 5th) phase (alas now without Bruce), and some bright spark has decided to dust off these half forgotten songs and breathe new life into them.

As a taster, the band have added the first track from the album to their Soundcloud page. Titled "Doubles and Trebles" fans will probably recognise it by it's original title "Ally in Exile" and it really is rather good!

Have a listen, and if you like it, you can pre-order the album and get to download it a full week before any of your friends get to buy it!

...oh, and if you haven't heard it before, the original live version can be heard on this odd YouTube clip!

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