Thursday, 3 January 2013

Show #013: Dead Can Dance, Khafru, TheThe, MT. Wolf and more!

Another late (nearly a week!) post. Last week's show was a recap of some of the great new music I have featured on the show since it started back in October: From old favourites like Dead Can Dance, Swans and John Foxx to new and exciting artists such as MT. Wolf (their Life Size Ghosts single being one of my favourite tracks of the year), Stealing Sheep and Khafru.

Please have a listen to the show, and seek out the music if you like it. There is so much more good stuff out there than is available on mainstream radio and MTV, and if you're not aware of it.... YOU ARE MISSING OUT!
  1. Dali's Car - Soundcloud
  2. John Foxx & the Maths / The Soft Moon - Evidence
  3. The Soft Moon - Die Life
  4. Swans & Karen O - Song for a Warrior
  5. TheThe - The Evening Star
  6. DJ Food & J.G.Thirlwell - Prey
  7. How To Destroy Angels - Speaking In Tongues
  8. VCMG - Spock
  9. Khafru - Industry Of Man
  10. Darn Heavenly - Revenge
  11. Stealing Sheep - The Garden
  12. MT. Wolf - Life Size Ghosts
  13. Dead Can Dance - Amnesia
  14. X-TG  - Abscheid
Click on any of the links above to buy any of the above tracks. THESE ARTISTS DESERVE YOUR SUPPORT!

I leave you with a little experiment I recorded this week to test out my new KRK monitors. Nothing special, but an indication of what I'll be concentrating on in the coming months.....

Please comment or get in touch.... I love to get feedback!

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