Thursday, 24 January 2013

Show #016: SPK, DAF, ARKane and more!

This week's show starts with a more rock-y feel than usual, but I make no apology for that!

  1. Sonic Youth - Catholic Block
  2. Ultravox!: Fear in the Western World
  3. Psychic TV: Eden1
  4. Tony Wakeford & Steven Stapleton: Our Lady of the White Flowers
  5. SPK: Invocation
  6. Pitch-E: Erste Eindr├╝cke
  7. DAF: Der Mussolini
  8. The Body Lovers: Untitled
  9. Current 93: Black Ships in the Sky
  10. Philip Glass: Coudscape
  11. ARKane: Baby Milk Snatcher
  12. Thomas Leer: Private Plane
  13. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten: 12305(te) Nacht
  14. Coil: Sex with Sun Ra

Be sure to tune in next week for a 4AD special!

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