Saturday, 9 February 2013

Show #019: Electropop Special!

Nothing too challenging this week, just an hour's worth of pure 80's electropop. A guilty pleasure? NO! The 80's may well have been 80% cheese, but get past the ra-ra skirts and hairspray and you'll find some of the most innovative music ever. Enjoy!
  1. Soft Cell - A Man Can Get Lost
  2. DAF - Kebabträume
  3. BEF - Rise of the East
  4. Colin Newman - Round & Round
  5. OMD - Almost
  6. Fad Gadget - Ladyshave
  7. Gary Numan - Metal
  8. The Human League - The Dignity of Labour III
  9. Blancmange - God's Kitchen
  10. John Foxx - Burning Car
  11. The Normal - T.V.O.D.
  12. Shock - Dream Games
  13. Duet Emmo - The First Person
  14. Chris and Cosey - The Gates of Ancient Cities

And yes, I can hear the cries of dismay already: "Where's Kraftwerk / Depeche Mode / Thomas Dolby / Landscape / Visage / Our Daughter's Wedding / Nash the Slash / Thomas Leer / Yazoo / Logic System / Naked Lunch / Ultravox / Gina X / Yello / Silicon Teens........." I agree! if I had room, I would have included all of the above and more, but hey, I only had an hour! I'll do part two soon, I promise!

If you are a sound artist who wants to have your work broadcast on the show, just click the SoundCloud Dropbox upload link on the right hand side of this page!

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