Saturday, 2 March 2013

Show #022: Coil, Voctave, Paul Amlehn and more...

It's a mainly electronic show tonight with a heavy IDM flavour. Much of the music on this week's show was discovered on midnight trawls through SoundCloud, which my first port of call when looking for new sounds.
  1. Coil - Algerian Basses
  2. Voctave - Mugla 3
  3. Lysergica - Hostiles
  4. PVT - Casual Success
  5. Brian Eno and; Rick Holland - Glitch
  6. Hydroze Plus - Epi-Dose
  7. ANBB - Mimikry
  8. Voctave - Mano Blanco
  9. String Theory - P.O.V.
  10. Khafru - Industry of Man
  11. Paul Amlehn - Cross the Wounded Galaxies

For your viewing pleasure... a track from the new PVT LP

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  1. You're not the only one who doesn't like the term IDM..

    'British electronic music and techno artists, including Aphex Twin, Cylob, and Mike Paradinas, have criticised the term IDM. Paradinas has stated that the term IDM was only used in America.'

    'In a September 1997 interview, Aphex Twin commented on the 'Intelligent Dance Music' label:
    I just think it's really funny to have terms like that. It's basically saying 'this is intelligent and everything else is stupid.' It's really nasty to everyone else's music. (laughs) It makes me laugh, things like that. I don't use names. I just say that I like something or I don't.'

    'Cylob, aka Chris Jeffs, said, "Also, anyone who applies the term IDM to my music deserves to be shot."'

  2. Not only does the term IDM imply that other forms of dance music is 'dumb', most of is not even dance music at all! It's a daft label, but one that the genre seems to be stuck with!

  3. I discovered Paul Amlehn on your show, the guy is a fucking genius!

  4. I second that. I heard his work here first, then went to Soundcloud to hear more.

    I haven't heard anything that beautiful and sublime since I first heard Coil and Nurse With Wound.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments. I just read these now!