Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Extra Curricular Activity: QuietMix #1


As I have a week off work, I decided to do something creative last night. The intention was to create a new piece of music myself. So I started by creating a playlist of interesting sounds that I would use for inspiration (is that cheating?)….. Well anyway,  inspiration was not forthcoming, so instead here is an ambient mix of the (not so) inspirational pieces presented as an experimental chill-out collage.

I've not given up on my own piece (in fact, I've included one of my own tracks in the mix which I recorded earlier this year), and will post whatever I come up with right here later in the week.

This will not be broadcast on Sine FM, but if I get enough positive feedback, I may consider doing something similar fro the radiowaves in future!

  1. Oliver Wallace - Curiosity Leads to Trouble (fragment)
  2. Virgin Prunes - Third Secret
  3. Ray Nobel & his Orchestra - Butterflies in the Rain (fragment)
  4. Dome - Jasz
  5. Jean Michele Jarre - Oxygene Part IV (fragment)
  6. Michael Brook & U. Srinivas - Dream
  7. Psychic TV - Themes Part IV
  8. Magnet - The Anointing
  9. Michael O'Shea - Guitar #1
  10. Boyd Rice - Tripped a Beauteous Maiden
  11. Brian Eno - Lizard Point
  12. :zoviet*france: - Ritual
  13. Yes - Mood for a Day
  14. Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers - Boat-Woman-Song
  15. Jane - It's a Fine Day
  16. Michael Stearns - Village Dance
  17. BJ Nilson - 65-90 Hz
  18. Mat Handley - Experiment with Kalimba & Metal Bowl
  19. Aphex Twin - Mold
  20. Anthony Rooley - Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens
  21. Nine Inch Nails - 36 Ghosts IV
  22. Negativland - 180-G 'A Big 10-8 Place' Part II
  23. Paul Amlehn - Cross the Wounded Galaxies

Apart from my earlier 90's mix-tapes constructed on a TEAC 4 track, this is my first attempt at creating a continuous immersive mix, so any feedback would be appreciated!

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