Saturday, 1 June 2013

Show #035: Folk Special - Current 93, Stealing Sheep, The Hare and the Moon, & more!

YtN&tM #035

As my home town is enjoying it's own Doncaster Folk Festival this weekend, I thought I'd take part in a small way by offering a folk-ish edition of YtN&tM. I am not proud to say that I have never attended the festival before, and was determined to change that fact this year. Unfortunately, both Lou and myself have been suffering with a nasty bout of Man-Flu for the best part of a week, and our attendance to the Masons Arms last night was put off in favour of a Pizza and a night curled up on the sofa! We will be going to the Ukrainian centre for today's afternoon session however, even if it kills us!
  1. Sol Invictus - Abattoirs Of Love
  2. Death In June - But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?
  3. Shirley Collins - The False Bride
  4. The Angels Of Light - Michael's White Hands
  5. Beirut - Elephant Gun
  6. Stealing Sheep - The Garden
  7. Nikki SuddenRowland S Howard - Feather Beds
  8. Current 93 - A Silence Song
  9. The Hare & The Moon - Crazy Man Michael
  10. Scorpion Wind - Preserve Thy Loneliness
  11. Coil - All The Pretty Little Horses
  12. Frank Tovey - Bridge Street Shuffle

Guest Mix

Part documentary, part ghost story, part soundscape, this mix by Melmoth the Wanderer continues his journey into all things weird and spooky with another history lesson with an meticulously crafted soundtrack. 


Not (as far as I know) taking part in Donny's Folk Festival, this is a short film put together by Doncopolitan: an arts and promotion group with links to our very own Sine FM. This film profiles Doncaster musician Frank Carline and his love of the Blues.

One of the bands Lou and I will be watching this afternoon, if the Man-Flu (and lethargy) don't stop us. This is What's The Point filmed in Gainsborough a couple of years ago.

Post Script

I do promise that we will return to our usual mix of genres next week (I did say that last week, but hey...I lied!), so do come back for more in the way of Post-Punk, Electronic, Avant Garde and Experimental sounds... 

Please remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page for this week's SoundCloud recommendations!

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