Saturday, 8 June 2013

Show #036: John Foxx, Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV & more!

YtN&tM #036

My Doncaster Folk Festival experience unfortunately amounted to nothing last week, as I spent half the weekend lying on the sofa with Man-Flu, and the other half waiting at two different hospitals for a tetanus jab..... long story!
Anyway, as promised, we went back to the usual mix of sounds for this week's show, and what a show it was! 
The first track was from Psychic TV: a band who I have not listened to for years as I became disillusioned with the leader, Genesis P-Orridge after he took the band (I feel uncomfortable calling PTV a band), into dance music territory in the late 80's. However, listening to "Terminus" for the first time in over 20 years, I find myself ready to go back and appreciate their early work again.... it really is quite special!
  1. Psychic TV - Terminus
  2. Atom TM - Stop Imperialist Pop
  3. John Foxx - Underpass (Oh the Gilt RMX)
  4. Manorexia - The Hardened Artery
  5. The Clarke & Ware Experiment - Kubla Khan Soundscape
  6. Julian Cope - Paranormal in the West Country (Krankenhaumusik)
  7. The Chewers - The Lurk
  8. Andrew Liles - Akaza Hyena Butter (Dub)
  9. Nine Inch Nails - Come Back Haunted

Guest Mix

This week's guest mix comes from Kenn Deaton aka Future Static. "You Are No Son of Mine, says Zeus" is a mix described as Experimental / Dark / Ambient.... it also includes some nice post-rock sounds...


The 'directors cut' of Nine Inch Nails 1996 single "Closer" to get you in the mood for the new LP "Hesitation Marks" coming at the back end of the summer. (contains images not suitable for whiners).

J.G. Thirlwell's Manorexia performing "Sjogren's Syndrome" in Germany earlier this year.

Post Script

Scroll down for more SoundCloud recommendations... and see ya next week!

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