Saturday, 15 June 2013

Show #037: Savages, The Soft Moon, Zola Jesus & More!

YtN&tM #037

I was a little distracted whilst recording the show this week as on the very morning of recording, Lou and I were rudely awoken with the sound of gushing water flowing freely through the ceiling of our bathroom and all through the house into the kitchen. The ensuing to-ing and fro-ing from the insurance company over the next few weeks will probably give me an ulcer....
Anyway, to the show... A mainly Post-Punk playlist this week, with the odd bit of 80's electro-dance and some Post-Jazz weirdness.
  1. Cabaret Voltaire - Crackdown
  2. PVT - Homosapien
  3. Coil - Who By Fire
  4. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Die Interimsliebenden
  5. The Soft Moon - Crush
  6. Savages - Strife
  7. Cocteau Twins - Blood Bitch
  8. Zola Jesus - Stridulum
  9. Wire - Time Lock Fog
  10. String Theory - Gnomes, Traffic & Ants
  11. Battles - Ice Cream
  12. Afraid & Jarboe - Sisters Forever (<<

Guest Mix

An amazing, immersive electronic mix from SoundOfError.


Still waiting patiently for new Neubauten material.... I've not given up on them yet! Until it arrives, how about a collaboration between Blixa Bargeld and Italian sound artist Teho Teardo? The new album, Still Smiling has already been released in Italy, and will follow shortly for the rest of us... This is wonderful!

This is Savages, who are new to me... but wow! They will definitely be featuring a lot more in future shows. I described them in the show this week as "Sisters of Mercy fronted by Siouxsie Sioux" This was a lame and lazy description, and for that, I apologise!

Post Script

You know the drill..... scroll down for more selections from SoundCloud which may or may not be appearing in future shows!

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