Saturday, 29 June 2013

Show #039: Grinderman, Samaris, Bauhaus & more!

YtN&tM #039

A lovely flowing mix this week with Guitars, Clarinets, Electric Saxes and Pianos rubbing shoulders with the Synths and Found Sounds. There was another track from the forthcoming Samaris album, and new music from Blixa Bargeld, as well as a rare appearance on the show of Mr Nick Cave with his other band Grinderman...
  1. Current 93 - I Dreamt I Was Æon
  2. Stealing Sheep -Secrets
  3. String Theory - Anyway Trapped
  4. Brian Eno & Rick Holland - Glitch
  5. Grinderman - Micky Mouse & the Goodbye Man
  6. Andrew Liles - Cervical Conization 
  7. Samaris - Hljóma Þú 
  8. Chris & Cosey - Coolicon
  9. Monte Cazazza - Venom
  10. Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo - Still Smiling
  11. Matthew Dear - Earthforms
  12. The KVB - Again & Again
  13. Bauhaus - The Dog's a Vapour

Guest Mix

From Roamin, who is apparently a proud member of the Posse (?), this is a fully immersive mix which is best listened to in the dark, with no distractions, and on headphones...


I was fist excited about the prospect of Pixies releasing a new single, and even more excited when I heard it... The experience has been soured a little with the revelation that the backing vocals the sound EXACTLY like Kim Deal, are actually not Kim at all. Frank Black has even Tweeted that the resemblance is pure coincidence... I'm feeling cheated and quite insulted that the band thought no-one would notice or even question this blatant attempt to deceive the fans. It's still a (reasonably) good Pixies song, I just wish they'd have the confidence to BE the Pixies without Kim!

From the Cabaret Voltaire album Red Mecca which was rereleased this week, this is Spread the Virus...

Post Script

New sounds, as usual can be found at the bottom of this page....

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