Saturday, 13 July 2013

Show #041: MAYa, Harold Budd, Daughter & More!

YtN&tM #041

After last week's 4AD history lesson, we're very firmly in the 21st Century this week with no track more than a couple of years old... for me, that's bang up-to-date!

Included in this show is a track from MAYa, who contacted me after listening to last week's 4AD special. I was previously unaware of her work, but now consider myself a fan. She's released 3 over the last couple of years which can be inadequately described as electro-acoustic experimental dream pop! (As a description, that doesn't really give her justice so I've included a couple of her videos below). 
  1. Paul Amlehn - Blood of Union
  2. Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo - A Quiet Life
  3. Voctave - Mano Blanco
  4. Afraid & Jarboe - Sisters Forever
  5. Daughter - Lifeforms
  6. Samaris - Góða Tungl (Sei A RMX)
  7. MAYa - Embrace Comfort
  8. Swans - The Daughter Brings the Water
  9. Wire - & Much Besides
  10. John Foxx, Harold Budd & Ruben Garcia - Music for Swimmers
  11. Savages - No Face
*Note: I said on the show that there is a version of "Embrace Comfort" where JG Thirlwell had arranged the strings. JG in fact MIXED the strings on that particular version rather than arranged. (I stand corrected! :))

Guest Mix

:zoviet*france:'s weekly A Duck in a Tree broadcast has been going for a year now, but I've only just discovered it for myself. If you like your ambience experimental (or vice-versa), you will love the noise. This week's broadcast ditches the usual variety of artists and sound sources, and contains only tracks performed or recorded by themselves.


This week, I have decided to share a few videos from MAYa, who is an English artist living in New York. From these films, you will see that as much thought goes into the visuals as in the music. The first track is Embrace Comfort which I played on this week's show. All four of these tracks are from the  e.p. "M" released earlier this year.

This is Four Unit Family which was recorded in New York and Berlin.

The video for allyoueverwanted was shot in London in 2011

Finally, The Takers was filmed in NY and features performance artist Raul de Nieves.

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