Saturday, 27 July 2013

Show #043: Russell Mills, Michael Cashmore, Bladderflask & more!

YtN&tM #043

A return to our usual format this week with  a pretty wild playlist featuring everything from Avant Garde collage noise to experimental dub. If you listened live this week, you will have noticed that the show got cut short which is a bit disappointing... As my show is the last thing at night with no scheduled programme following, I usually get away with going over by a couple of minutes, but the time police must have been on duty this week! 

So here it is in full...
  1. Marc & the Mambas - Your Aura
  2. Five or Six - Another Reason
  3. Russell Mills - Swallows Crystals
  4. Leftfield & Lydon - Open Up
  5. Stereolab - Freestyle Dumping
  6. MAYa - Diamond Belt
  7. Scott Walker - Darkness
  8. Bladder Flask - Did Debussy Wear an Anorak?
  9. Andrew Liles - W.M.C.
  10. Michael Cashmore & Antony Heggarty - The Snow Abides
  11. Conjure & Turritopsis Nutricula - Losing (click link for free 4 track e.p. of electro-kraut goodness!)
  12. Foetus in your Bed - Primordial Industry
  13. The Residents - The Shoe Salesman

Guest Mix

The latest from :zoviet*france:


This is an ad for a new Electronic night starting in Doncaster tonight. I don't know much about the bands appearing, but I'll hopefully make it down to Vintage Rock bar at around 7pm tonight and maybe  report on what I find on this blog next week.

"Dusk in the Woods" by Tokyo Witch Hunt appearing live in Doncaster tonight at Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft. (Vintage Rockbar, St George's Gate @7pm)

Billed as sounding like early DM, this track from Analogue Angel reminds me more of Nitzer Ebb. Also appearing at DEF tonight.

The third band appearing at DEF at the Vintage Rockbar tonight in Doncaster is the Jan Doyle Band. A Doncaster act of which I've not heard before, but judging from this clip recorded at the Hall Cross a couple of years ago, I should enjoy. Proper analogue electronics with a nod to Suicide and Naked Lunch. (not sure about the audience banter though!)

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