Saturday, 10 August 2013

Show #045: SPK, Xymox, Voltage Controlled Music & more!

YtN&tM #045

A nice mix of early electronics, industrial and post punk this week including an excerpt from VCM's Limitless Wonder, which can be streamed or downloaded for free here.
  1. Samaris - Viltu Vitrast
  2. Zoar (featuring Matt Johnson) - Our Way of Life
  3. Tuxedomoon - In a Manner of Speaking
  4. The White Noise - Hear Come the Fleas
  5. The Young Gods - Longue Route
  6. Savages - Hit Me
  7. Xymox - 7th Time
  8. Robert Rental & Thomas Leer - Attack/Decay
  9. SPK - See Saw
  10. Skinny Puppy - First Aid
  11. Voltage Controlled Music - Limitless Wonder
  12. John Came - On the Reef
  13. Wir - Take It (for Greedy)
  14. Talking Heads - Listening Wind


I don't usually post music-only videos, but I wanted to feature more from the White Noise album this week but didn't have the time, so here's another track from this ground-breaking 1969 record.

This video was re-posted on Facebook by Pieter Nooten last week and started a nice, if unlikely rumour of a 4AD era Xymox reunion. To see this performed live would be amazing!

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