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Show #047: 4AD Special - 1983

YtN&tM #047

Here we go then.... The third in our occasional series of classic 4AD years. This time featuring a track from every single and EP (plus one album track) from 1983. This was the year that 4AD started to break away from the Post-Punk genre (though some echoes still persisted for a while), and moved slowly towards the gossamer enshrouded DreamPop of the later 80's and 90's.

While we're on the subject of 4AD, any fans of the label should probably be aware of the new book coming out later this year by Martin Aston: 'Facing the Other Way: The Story of 4AD' which finally see's the label being given the biography it deserves. Featuring interviews with all the main players, from the bands/artists to the designers, photographers, and co-founders Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent.

The book also featured new and revamped original artwork from 4AD's renowned graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, as well as a limited edition version with additional artwork and a double CD of the label's finest moments, which will hopefully steer clear of the obvious 'Pump Up the Volume' / 'I Melt with You' K-Tel choices!

On the Slicing Up Eyeballs website, Aston had this to say about the book:

“I’m hoping it’s going to be the definitive story of 4AD. It’s a story that you’d think would have already been told, but I guess no one has approached Ivo before… and I’ve known him since the mid-’80s, which helps. I’ve written about 4AD many times, including the sleevenotes to the Lilliput compilation in 1992, so I haven’t come to it as on outsider. Not that it’s an officially commissioned book by the label: it was my idea, and they all got on board, thankfully.”

 Published by Harper Collins, the book should be out before Christmas, and a special website where the limited edition can be pre-ordered is due to go live any day now. I'll post a link here as soon as it appears (after reserving my own copy of course!)
  1. The Birthday Party - Sonny's Burning
  2. Cocteau Twins - Peppermint Pig
  3. Colourbox - Tarantula
  4. Xmal Deutschland - Qual
  5. Modern English - Smiles & Laughter
  6. The Birthday Party - Blast Off!
  7. The Wolfgang Press - Journalists
  8. Modern English - Someone's Calling
  9. This Mortal Coil - 16 Days / Gathering Dust
  10. Xmal Deutschland - Inkubus Succubus II
  11. Bauhaus - Telegram Sam
  12. Cocteau Twins - Sugar Hiccup
  13. Colourbox - Shotgun

Guest Mix

Staying with 4AD, this mix by Gardener features a 90's version of 4AD, which highlights how the label changed over the years to favour Americana, and a second Golden Age.

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