Saturday, 14 September 2013

Show #050: J.G.Thirlwell, Pulse Lovers, P'o & more!

YtN&tM #050

A pretty eclectic mix tonight with no theme or concept in mind. I have succumbed to nepotism with this show... Not only did I plug a gig in which I'll be performing as a new member of Voltage Controlled Music, I also played one of my own tracks (albeit in collaboration with the wonderful Crypton Radio Club). I remain however, unrepentant, and hope that you will attend / listen if you see fit!
  1. P'o - Time and Time
  2. Conrad Schnitzler - Zug
  3. Pulse Lovers featuring Crypton Radio Club - It's All In The Detail
  4. Earthmonkey with Nurse With Wound - Sister Marblegazer
  5. Brendan Perry - Wintersun
  6. Ohi Ho Bang Bang - The Path
  7. J.G. Thirlwell - Fold 3
  8. Sonic Youth - Brave Men Run (In My Family)
  9. The Soft Moon - Lost Years
  10. The Chewers - The Lurk
  11. Space - Mars

I have decided (for now) to stop posting 'Guest Mixes' on this blog, as I'm never sure that anyone actually takes notice of them even though I feel they deserve your attention. I'll still continue to recommend decent MixCloud broadcasts via Twitter, which you should investigate if you have the time!


More nepotism here with a couple of videos I knocked together this week for my two Reverbnation accounts.

Pulse Lovers featuring Crypton Radio Club: "It's All In The Detail" 

This is the first track made in collaboration with Chris Newman of CRC. Hopefully more will follow in the near future as we work on our trans-Atlantic partnership. Expect more ambient sounds with experimental undertones in the very near future.

Mat + Handley: "Stealth"

One of my drone pieces recorded earlier this year. As with the above video for "...Detail" this video was thrown together with stock footage and a little experimentation on the consumer video editing programme iMovie. I intend on putting a little more effort into future videos, and any advice on  a more creative programme to utilise would be gratefully received!


Post Script

Dont forget to attend this free gig in Wakefield this Wednesday featuring the Jan Doyle Band, Tokyo Witch Hunt and Berlyn Trilogy!

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