Saturday, 28 September 2013

Show #052: Joyeux Anniversaire!

YtN&tM #052

This week we celebrated our first full year on the air by revisiting some of our favourite tracks played since our first show back in September 2012. 
  1. MT. Wolf - Life Size Ghosts
  2. Samaris - Góða Tungl
  3. Delicate Apparatus - Movin' to Cassini
  4. Paul Amlehn - Oannes
  5. Jan Doyle Band - Last Rights
  6. The Soft Moon - Die Life
  7. Afraid - Your Dealer in Heaven
  8. String Theory - Gnomes, Traffic & Ants
  9. Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo - Still Smiling
  10. Berlyn Trilogy - Runners
  11. Stealing Sheep - The Garden
  12. Khafru - Industry of Man
  13. MAYa - Embrace Comfort

I'm considering stopping this blog as it doesn't seem to get much traffic. It's only real purpose seems to be the streaming of the weekly podcast, and I guess I could just post links directly from MixCloud. It's a shame because I like finding videos, posting reviews and generally presenting YtN&tM in this extended format, but it takes me a couple of hours on a weekend to put together, which I could spend being more productive. I have no idea whether people actually use or like the blog as I get virtually no feedback.... Even as I type this, I'm pretty certain that I'm the only person that will read it! Pah!


  1. Gr8 show Mat. Stellar set list, luv Paul Amlehn' Oannes. Could have been on Swordfishtrombones, my fav Waits album. Berlyn Trilogy RULES, now I know. Not sure I mentioned before, the noise at the end of "Cassini" is an actual radio transmission from the Cassini Division, courtesy of NASA. Good stuff. Cheers friend.

  2. Just checking Paul Amlehn's soundcloud and that track appears to be Oannes (Reprise), I think he has at least two other Oannes tracks I have heard, but that one is the reprise.

    I agree its great!