Saturday, 28 February 2015

Show #123 (27th February 2015)

This week's show features tracks from the album 'Revolution - The Shoegaze Revival' which I've featured for the past three weeks. The album is free of charge here, but don't let the fact that it's free put you off.... it's got some stonking good tracks on it!

Also included is Karen Gwyer and Hey Colossus, who both are appearing next Saturday at the Golden Cabinet in Shipley. Regular listeners to the show will hear me talking about this venue on many of my shows.... This is not because I have any affiliation with it..... It's just because it seems to be the ONLY place outside London that provides regular lineups of quality acts that float my particular boat.

Anyway.... to the show:

The Pattern Forms - Fluchtwege
Prana Crafter - Birth of Blooming Thunder
Slows Down - The Way Down Leering
Sqürl - Ocean
You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - Seya
Karen Gwyer - Lay Claim to my Grub
Blood Lips - Heartbeats
Seaside - Undone
Karen Gwyer - Nail Bars of the Apocalypse
Hey Colossus - Wired Brainless
Teeth of the Sea - Up With People
Midnite Tiger - Walking Shadow
Prana Crafter - Treasure in a Ruin
Gnod - Infinity Machines

Thanks to Richard of the Golden Cabinet, and Shauna of Ummagma introducing me to some of this weeks' playlist. Get in touch if YOU have something that fits.


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