Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Guest Playlist: Alexis Agíss Lases

Hi everyone, this is Alexis Agíss, here's a little mixtape i put together, some of the songs I've been listening to and enjoying the most lately. I love shoegaze and everything related, Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver were the first bands I listened to and loved, I was still very young and knew nothing about shoegaze, then I listened to My Bloody Valentine, and I think it's still the band that has impressed me the most, (Loveless is my favorite album ever, hands down). So I've been listening to shoegaze ever since, I love most alternative music, grunge, darkwave, dream pop, trip hop, electronic... and I've also been huge into witch house for the last few years (experimental electronic if not familiar with, bits of dark wave / ethereal wave, sometimes shoegaze, amongst a lot of other things on it).

So here's a little bit of all that, guess it's mostly newer shoegaze (Venera 4 and White Night Ghosts from France, September Girls and Elastic Sleep from Ireland, Ummagma from Canada-Ukraine, Aerofall from Russia, Trementina from Chile, Malka and School of Seven Bells from NYC, Echo Lake from UK and The Black Ryder from Austrialia), some darkwave or related (In Death It Ends from UK, Tropic of Cancer and Chelsea Wolfe from California), witch house (Starrrgasm from Ukraine, Summer of Haze and Радость Моя from Russia and Sidewalks and Skeletons from UK), also Zola Jesus from US and Purity Ring from Canada... some great noisy, ethereal, deep and addictive tunes, hope you enjoy it.     

- Alex (Alexis Agíss Lases)   

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