Saturday, 14 March 2015

Show #125 (13th March 2015)

This week's show included much new music, as well as re-visiting some recent favourites. Enjoy!

Ekoplekz - Entropy Flash
Microchip Junky - Slapdash
Shit and Shine - Cowboy Hat
Nothing People - Dirty Kiss
Tim Held - Black Friday
White Manna - Evil
Chef Menteur - Phallus Marinarus
Vamonos P - Sandman
Dead Meadow - Dusty Nothing
Warrior Squares - The Pelham Rotation
The Mirrors - Arena Negra
Lunar Twin - Sirens
Synesect - The Lovers
Slows - Side 2
Svan Darc - Purge (Part 3)
Chef Menteur - Death Wraith 2000
Stellarscope - Ocean of Storms

Lumerians - Hook for an Eye RMX

(There is currently no link for the Chef Menteur box set or the Vamonos P ep... I may have been a little premature in playing these, but I will be featuring them again soon, and the links will appear here when I do!)

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