Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Review: Tape Runs Out - Friends/Flowers

This is a little gem that dropped into my in-box about three weeks ago. It's only while I was doing an email clear-out that I noticed our very own Shauna McLarnon's name flash before my eyes.... After retrieving the email from the trash (oops), it turned out this was an email from Shameless Promotions that had been forwarded to me by a colleague at Sine FM in Doncaster. Why I'm not on the Shameless mailing list is a question that I really should be asking Ms Ummagma.

Anyway, the email was a promotion for a new two track single from Cambridge 5 piece Tape Runs Out. The single is on Ear-to-Ear records (no surprise there!), and is a wonderful slice of mid nineties indie rock. Not quite shoegaze, but with the clean guitars, dreamy female backing vocals and laid back rhythm section, you could be forgiven for thinking these short tracks could have appeared on one of those wonderful Volume CD compilations put out by Rob Deacon between '93 and '95.

The first track (Friends) is all too brief at under 3 minutes, but as a calling card, it works perfectly with an infectious chorus, sweet harmonies, and a sudden stop...... Leaving the listener eager for more. I really hope the album, apparently due later this year contains a longer version.

Flowers, the second track follows a similar vein, with aching melancholy, duel guitars, strange sounds bubbling underneath it all, and on top, a modulated croon from vocalist and band leader Liam Goodrum-Bell, who's also responsible for guitars and samples. The lineup is augmented by second guitarist Rich Barker, Yasmin Prebble on synth / melodica / glokenspiel, Ellie Winter on dulcimer and backing vocals and finally Hélène Dufour on bass duties.

The single is out now and can be purchased here for mere pennies!

Mat Handley, Doncaster, England

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