Saturday, 11 April 2015

Show #128 (10th April 2015)

The Left Outsides - To Where Your Footsteps Led
Jon Brooks - Carnacki Theme One
Evil Blizzard - Sacrifice
Microchip Junky - Joshua’s Code
Vamonos P - Sandman
The Left Outsides - Out of Time, Out of Place
Hausfrau - Mysteries of Love
Necro Deathmort - Repeat-O
Saif Mode - x0z9
Stealing Sheep - Not Real
Cowtown - Castle Greyscale
Basic House - Pyre of Bro
Meter Bridge - Coming Up for Air
Midnite Tiger - Peregrine
Ether Feels - Morning Star
Palace of Swords - Echoes from a Distant Star
Broadcast - Phantom
The Left Outsides - The Third Light
You’re Smiling Now, But We’ll All Turn Into Demons - Hothouse

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