Saturday, 16 May 2015

Show #133 (15th May 2015)

The Citradels - Citrine
Kill West - Freedom Ride
Prana Crafter - Trap Door Bardo
La Casa al Mare - Sunflowers
Vessel - Drowned in Water and Light
E Gone - Smokediver 1
Night Dials - I’ll Sleep When I Die
Moth Rah - Wild Wedding
Playing Mars - Burning Desire
Fufanu - We Will Last
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - Vocablo Number 1
Sharron Kraus - The Birds of Rhiannon
Social End Products - Feel Much Better On The Other Side
Spandril - Portland Trinity
Midwich Youth Club - Berlin Hamburg Dusseldorf
High Mountain Bluebirds - Can You See the Light
Thunder & Co - LOF
Rodney Cromwell - Barry Was An Arms Dealer
Some Truths - Forefor
Blood Lips - Heartbeats
Corvus Mae - Innocent
Pretty Lightening - A Gift from a Bone to a Bell
Illustrial / Strobegirl - Dreamscape
Surfing Arcanis - Magic Fly

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