Saturday, 13 June 2015

Show #136: Quiet Mix IV (12th June 2015)

Pye Corner Audio - Machines Are Obsolete
Xam - Coke Float
Vamonos P - Sandman
Everything is Chemical - Like You Never Had Wings
Time Attendant - Entry Into The Atomic Club
Symbol - Soft Entrance
Warrior Squares - Shining Cliffs
Bitchin Bajas - No Tabac
Drew Mulholland - Memory And Mind
Monroeville Music Center - Audio Periodical (Excerpt)
The Floating World - To Lay Flowers At His Feet
John Carpenter - Vortex
Ekoplekz - Midnight Cliffs
Jon Brooks - Mr Brooks I Presume
Steve Moore - Val Sans Retour
Midwich Youth Club - A Mind Made Of Glittery Bubbles
Microchip Junky - More Bandwidth
Saif Mode - Isaiah 9
Slows - Side 1 
Prana Crafter - Treasure In The Rain
Pulselovers - Autumn Arrives

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