Saturday, 27 June 2015

Show #138 (26th June 2014)

Wozniak - Snow Effect
Maff - Act 1
Eins├╝rzende Neubauten - Achterland
The Owl Service - How The Gods Kill
Kill West - Lazy Eye
onYou - I’m On Fire
Sharron Kraus - A Quiet Place
Pretty Lightening - The Rainbow Machine
The Left Outsides - The Shape Of Things To Come
High Mountain Bluebirds - You Can See The Light
White Mana - Eshra
Svan Darc - Purge Part 4
Maff - Someday
The Myrrors - Dome House Music
La Casa Al Mare - Tonight Or Never
Charles Hayward - Sudden Curve
Labasheeda - Cold Water
Vision Fortune - Black Crawl II
The Heartwood Institute - The Old Ways
Crocodiles - Crybaby Demon

For those who are interested in the noises my friends and I (Mat) get up to when given the chance, here's a full performance of VCM vs Eigenfrequenz recorded live earlier this year.

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