Saturday, 29 August 2015

Show #146 (28th August 2015)

The Owl Service - The Red Barn
The Autumn Stone - The Tennessee Waltz
Attrition with Anni Hogan - Hammer Blow
This Is The Kit - Tunnel
Benjamin Finger - DarkSkullGreyness
Cloudland Canyon - Sea Tact
The Hare and the Moon - The Midnight Folk
Death and Vanilla - Time Travel
Ekoplekz - A Caustic Romance
Emily and Angeline - I Cannot Find the Eye
The Memory Band - Children of the Stones
Mat Handley - Timbral Awake
Katje Janisch - The Golden Cup
United Bible Studies - The Place of Bays
The Heartwood Institute - Goacher
The Left Outsides - The Shape of Things to Come
High Mountain Bluebirds - You Can See the Light
Time Attendant - Travelling in Disguise
Saif Mode - Isaiah 9
Grey Tapes - Utopia Garden
Quicksails - Find Flux
The Citradels - Insense and Pepper Spray
Bitchin Bajas - No Tabac
Sharron Kraus - A Quiet Place
The Red Dagger - Cold Star
Dead Sea Apes - Sixth Side of the Pentagram

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