Mat Handley 

Mat is the presenter of the weekly You, the Night and the Music show which goes out live every Friday night at 10pm (UK) locally on Sine FM in Doncaster, and globally via the Sine FM website.
Creatively, he is one half of the leftfield electronica duo Vamonos P, takes part in the analogue improvisational output of Voltage Controlled Music, is the sole member of Pulselovers, as well as creating experimental noisescapes under his own name.
Mat's future ambitions for YtN&tM include developing the BandCamp page into a net label releasing unique music from artists all over the world, expanding the Blog to cover multiple aspects of the artistic world.... and keep discovering new music!

Shauna McLarnon

Shauna fronts the popular Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma and provides vocals for Russia’s Sounds of Sputnik. Moved by her interest in the heart of the indie music universe, she has played a large part in growing UK indie label Ear to Ear Records from the ground up and also supports other indie artists through Shameless Promotion PR. Continuously meeting fascinating musicians and being exposed to awesome music has motivated her to write for the US-based online music webzine The Record Stache and UK blog The Sound of Confusion prior to that. She is also currently a contributor to Canadian music magazine Replicant Ears and Ireland's Primal Music Blog. Hailing from northern Canada, she has spent a good portion of the last decade in Ukraine, where she and her husband own and operate Ummagma Studio. Not a fan of dodging bullets, she is once again basing her activity out of Canada.

Meta Hoepfner-Homme 

Meta is a musician, visual artist, and writer based in Nelson, BC. She has several musical projects, including Corvus Mae (her solo multi-instrumental and vocal-rich songwriting/recording project), and Metatron (an electronic music project involving visual arts and video). She is also a guest musician on various people's projects, and is involved in a series of collaborations across North America. She works at Mind Coup Radio ( along with her partner, where she is immersed in music, writing blogs, conducting interviews with artists from around the world, recording musicians in the studio, putting on live music events, and hosting her own radio shows. Her passion is people, finding out about them, discovering voices, and showing them off to the world.

Del Chaney

Del has spent the last two years fronting popular Irish Electronic duo Analogue Wave, and also dedicates his time to uncovering the best of Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Post-Punk & Post-Rock from all over the globe, giving them exposure in the Primal Music Blog and The Primal Radio Show. He also currently writes for Canadian music webzine Replicant Ears. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self-confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

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